Shree vishnumaya Kuttichattan temple is to be built at 44/1A, Alapakkam village and panchayat, cauverypakkam union, Arakkonam Thaluk, Vellore District, Tamil Nadu. Situated on Wallahjah-Panapakkam road. First of it's kind in Tamil Nadu, Please donate liberally by clicking donation devotees paying Rs 10000/-and above names will engraved in the premises of the temple.

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About Vishnumaya

Vishnumaya (or) Chattan is a non-sanskritic Deity which is popular in central parts of kerala. 'Kutty' in Malayalam mean a 'small boy or girl'. The one who destroys the evil force is called 'chattan'. According to Hindu mythology Lord Shiva, while on a hunting in the forest saw a beautiful girl. He was surprised very much to find that such a beautiful girl belonged to an untouchable (lower) caste of those days. The name of the tribal girl was 'Kovilikka'. She was very pretty and her birth place was koolivalam. Lord Shiva felt in love with her and wish to mate with her. He informed Kovilikka to wait for him till his return after the hunting.

Kovilikka was a ardent devotee of Parvati Devi, wife of Lord Shiva. So she was scared to mate with him, because it would bring forth Parvati Devi's wroth upon her. But at the same time, if she disobeyed Lord Shiva, she would be burnt into ashes. So she started praying the Goddess Parvati to save her from this critical plight. Parvati Devi was pleased with the innocent prayer of Kovilikka and appeared before her. The Devi revealed the true identify of Kovilikka that in her previous birth, she was named as 'Manaswini', who was the servant of Parvati Devi. At that time Manaswini breastfeeded Shree Ganesha who was a child crying with hunger. Parvati saw this and instead of appreciating, she became angry and cursed Manaswini that she would born in a low caste (Chandala) family. Thus, Kovilikka was the rebirth of Manaswini.

Kovilikka narrated Parvati Devi about the passion of Lord Shiva on her and begged her. Parvati Devi was impressed by Kovilikka's innocent prayer and the devotion she had on her. Though she was Chandala, she had got an opportunity to breastfeed, Lord Ganesha, the son of Lord Shiva. Devi disclosed that it was a pre-oriented fate that make the possibilities for her to have mating with Lord Shiva, and his passion for Kovilikka and deceive Lord Shiva. A son would born after the union, who would destroy Julandhara, the very powerful Assura. A child with divine power was born through their union, and Lord Shiva created a Buffalo for the protection of the child. The divine child came to the unknown as Chattan was given to kovilikka for rearing. Kovilikka became the mother of Chattan, son of Lord Shiva and Parvati Devi. Chattan lived with kovilikka for seven years. The tribals loved the boy who saved them from all dangers. He roamed around the jungle riding on his Buffalo and playing the musical instrument 'Ezhira'. The tribals had decided to honour him on his 7th birthday and wanted to celebrate for which they invited Lord Narada. Narada took this opportunity to disclose the secret of the birth of Chattan and told him to visit 'Kailasam' to meet his parents in order to know the real purpose of his poster mother and other's.

Chattan started his journey to Kailasam when he realized the Nandhishwara, the escort would not allow him to enter. He took the Avatar of Lord Vishnu and reached Lord Shiva and Parvati. Who were happy and hugged their beloved son, blessed him telling since he evolved the form of Vishnu by Maya (magic) and he would be known as Vishnumaya. He learnt the art of warfare and the secret to kill jalandra and the assura who troubled Devas. Jalandra got the boon from Indra and terrorising the three worlds ie, Heaven, Earth and Pathala. Chattan with the blessings of Lord Shiva, took the form of Sudharshana Chakra with his Maya to behead jalandra. Realizing the danger jalandra escaped and hid himself from the blood pool fell around the grained, there appeared 400 Kutty Chattans. Sensing his immediate defeat, Briga used brama astra against Chattan. 10 Kutty Chattan swallowed the weapon and gave up their life. The remaining 390 Kutty Chattans defeated the army and finally Chattan killed Briga with his 'Koruvadi'. (Short Stick used by Chattan).

All the devotees who pray worship Kutty Chattan will be saved from their hardship. They will overcome problems like Black magic, Drishti, Mahimonila, Financial and Business, Educationl etc. Thus KuttyChattan Vishnumaya is the God of poor and for the poor.