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All the devotees who worship Kutty Chattan will be saved from their hardship. They will overcome problems like Black magic, Drishti, Mahimonila, Financial and Business, Educationl etc. Thus KuttyChattan Vishnumaya is the God of poor and for the poor.

About SK Nair

Poojasri S. K. Nair (Siva Kumar Nair) is revered, regarded and respected as an ardent devotee and Sevak of Shree Vishnumaya Kuttichattan. He is a multifaceted personality who has dedicated his time and resources for the collective well-being of humanity through service to Shree Vishnumaya Kuttichattan.


Pooja Info

Performing pooja in the right manner, place and time can bring positive vibrations and removes negativity. We at Shree Vishnumaya Seva Samathi perform various poojas depending on your conditions and expectations. By performing such poojas Shree Vishnumaya Kuttichattan blessings are showered upon you and your family.


Fix an Appointment

Pooja Sri S.K. Nair will be visiting different parts of India to meet Shree Vishnumaya kuttichattan Devotees. During his visits devotee can fix an appoinment as per their convenient date and time and take predictions and blessings. And also advice for Nivarthi poojas if necessary with nominal fees. The fees amount are fully contributed to the Trust.